Our idea about the aerospace of tomorrow

Our Vision

Our vision is to shape and build tomorrow’s aviation today by engineering prototypes for real word challenges.

Innovative Electric Design

SILENCIO, derived from its design goal to be ultra-quiet, deploys four hover rotors mounted on booms at the wing and two wing tip cruise engines. Thus, this innovative configuration combines the simplicity of a conventional quadplane-configuration, with a high maneuverability during the hover phase, and a high overall efficiency.

The separation of hover and cruise propulsion simplifies the system complexity, making it less complicated to design and safer to operate. 

2kg Payload

The fuselage is designed as compact and aerodynamic as possible. Tightly enclosing the payload, the battery and the flight control systems, the fuselage generates a minimum drag.

A conventional empennage is chosen to provide a maximum efficiency with a minimal control effort.

Up to 70km/h

Placed at the wingtips, the cruise propulsion system has several benefits. As they operate in completely undisturbed free stream conditions, the performance is improved significantly. By interacting with the wing tip vortex, the proposed design partly cancels out the induced drag at the wingtip. Since the differential thrust technology is also used during cruise flight, no rudder is required.

Vertical Take-Off and Landing

The hover rotors work with a minimum of blocking, allowing maximum efficiency during the hover phase. Deploying differential thrust technology, a high yaw authority during the hover phase is made possible. This enables precise hovering and a high level of control other VTOL configurations cannot provide.

Photo on  NoEmotionHDRs – modified

Our goal is to design and build safe and compact Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – called SILENCIO – with a hybrid fixed wing configuration for logistical purposes.
We not only calculate and theoretically plausibilize visionary concepts, we also implement, build and test them.


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